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I came back with the intent of deleting this blog but then I managed to un-break my broken theme/layout. 

I really don’t know what to do with this blog. I’ve had it for 4 years but it’s been sitting here unused since I made my new blog in December (yet several hundred of you are still following this one; whyyyy?) 

I don’t know.

I actually really miss some of you, so if you’ve not already followed me to my new blog, you should. it’s better than this one, I promise.

Anonymous said: Milones finace put u on blast on her instagram about u saying she looks 16 and it being a bit distrubing :o

she did.
damn were her followers douchey about it. 

back for a moment to remind you that I've moved to a new blog.

that happened months ago, yet somehow I’m still getting new followers on this one. 

anyway, I love you, bye.

Tommy Milone’s girlfriend looks like she’s 16, I swear.

it’s a little disturbing.


Jherin Miller (via The Curious Brain)

he went to my high school.his work is ace.